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TBC bank at Marjanishvili street

TBC Bank Head Office & Marjanishvili Branch

Location: 7 Marjanishvili St, Tbilisi, Georgia
Client: JSC TBC Bank
Area: 6400 sq.m
Project Duration: September 2003 – February 2005

The building housing TBC Bank’s head office at 7, Marjanishvili St., is one of Tbilisi’s most prominent architectural and historic landmarks. The building was constructed in 1912. The project was designed by the famous Polish architect Alexander Rogoisky. The 4-storey building has a basement floor and three roof domes. The facade is lavishly covered with artwork which forms an essential part of the building’s character. The interior’s key decorative pieces include 3 large mirrors encased in massive wooden frames, 2 Chinese vases,120 cm in height, and a brass sculpture of Diane, the ancient goddess of hunting. The building served different purposes throughout its existence. Initially it belonged to the Economic Association of Officers of the Caucasus. From 1934, it became home to the Tbilisi Central Department Store, which operated until 2002. The building was renovated by NCC during the next two years. Exact replicas of the old roofing materials were used to refurbish the roofs, including manufacturing and assembling a new cover for the domes. The grand staircase, one of the most notable part of the building’s architecture, which had been significantly damaged, was restored. The foundation of the building was reinforced, based on the recommendations from the Institute of Seismic Stability.